DISSIDENTEN remix.ed 2.0

A New World Odyssey

EXIL 2022-2

LC 08972

Over 20 years ago, three gifted musicians and "dissidents" from the nucleus of the German progressive scene (emerging from bands like Embryo, Neu, CAN, Missus Beastly, Real Ax Band) founded the seminal worldbeat collective DISSIDENTEN. In the course of the eighties, the core trio of Friedo Josch (flutes), Uve Müllrich (guitars, oud) and Marlon Klein (percussion, electronics) set up base camps in India, Morocco, Canada, Spain and collaborated with an array of vocalists and musicians, authors and philosophers from virtually everywhere around the globe. DISSIDENTEN Albums like Sahara Elektrik (1984), The Jungle Book (1993) and Instinctive Traveler (1997) have helped to shape and ever expand the current state of the art in global groove. For their 20th anniversary, Dissidenten made yet another significant step in their career as a band. With 2001: a worldbeat odyssey the transition from world music to club music - which the last studio album had already hinted at - was finally completed. Thanks to the great talent and passion of cooperators like Shantel, Slop Shop, Thomas Kessler, Lemongrass, DJ Badmarsh or Kulisch & Vana, the impossible was accomplished — a remix album which sounded not like a loose collection but like a "Gesamtkunstwerk". That alone would be a good enough reason to try again, but there are plenty more... The music itself calls for manipulation and transformation, and there have been requests by DJs all over the world for 'updated' versions of Dissidenten classics like "Inshallah" or the almost legendary "Fata Morgana".

dissidenten remix.ed 2.0: a new world odyssey is more than just the sequel to a highly successful and artistically ambitious project: It completes and complements the classic songs of dissidenten, as gifted contributors from various parts of the world come up with new and often daring perspectives on Dissidenten which are sure to raise an eyebrow or two... Sit back, relax & enjoy!

1. Dreamcatcher (Tricatel Rmx) - 06:30

Was it love at first sight? When Martin Sennebogen had to decide which dissidenten track would be his favorite one to mix, it did not take him very long to make up his mind: But in the meantime everything changed for his band/project Moodorama — a new label, new people and a very promising second project called Tricatel Inc. So then they were three: Martin himself, Bernhard Frank and Marco Köstler.working on two albums and a remix project at the same time. Thank goodness these people know how to work under pressure ;-) the gentle, yet powerful shuffle of Tricatel's "Dreamcatcher" remix makes it the perfect opener for A New World Odyssey.

2. Shine On Me (Zanzibar Mix by Raphael UFO & Pentagon) - 07:57

We were very happy and a little bit surprised, when Raphael Sebbag of United Future Organization announced his favourite track for a possible remix: "Shine On Me", a slowly flowing pop-dub which does not really lend itself to dancefloor excess. But then again, you don't argue with UFO... Together with his new studio partner Pentagon (a ranking drum & bass producer with good connections to Germany), Raphael re-invented the track in a supremely cool style that is currently without parallel in the world. Watch out for the new UFO album "V"!

3. Open Up Your Eyes (Beat-Dis-Co-Mix by Rogall) - 06:56

"Open Up Your Eyes", a previously unreleased track from the Instinctive Traveler sessions, first appeared on 2001: a worldbeat odyssey as a Path of Rhythm Mix. Now, we rediscover this fine track in a bumpy and funky broken beats version by Sonarkollektiv-member DJ Rogall (aka Atomhockey) from Berlin. Stefan very subtly reinforced the depth and funkyness of the track, and honed the already smooth surface to a clear and shining brilliance. It is perhaps singer Bajka's finest recorded performance to date and also features Dorian Wright on vocals.

4. The World Is Like A Mirror (Laila's Response Mix by Weathertunes) - 05:14

Roland and Daniel Voss aka Weathertunes are shy people who prefer the serene atmosphere of their studio to the excitement of club and concert hall. Their music is always chamber music, in a sense, and yet they manage to fuse all kinds of 'scenes' such as lounge and downtempo music, house, even soulful vibes from their 'antique' Fender Rhodes piano, with an upbeat and funky midtempo drum & bass vibe. They picked this song to remix, because it is Laila's (that is Roland's four year old daughter) favorite . "The World" features vocalists Bajka and Manickam "Yoga" Yogeswaran.

5. Lobster Song (Eastenders' Funk The Lobster Mix) - 05:37

Eastenders aka Stefan Müller & Cem Afrit are an odd couple. Cem, the young turkish producer & gifted musician plays the oriental vibe to the max, but feels just as much at home with r&b, drum & bass or downtempo / nu jazz-flavours. And Stefan, or rather DJ Eastenders, has had his "Indian Vibes" club night for over five years and just started his new "orientation" project — a compilation series and an occasional club in Frankfurt. Together they really did "Funk The Lobster", i.e. enhance the happy, uptempo vibe of the original with some wicked breakbeats.

6. "Lanka's Odyssey" (Ravi Bal's BhangRaag Digital Refix) - 5:34

Virtually unnoticed by the commercial British mainstream, Ravi Bal has made a name for himself in the burgeoning Banghra scene, selling ten and often hundred thousands of records within the UK Indian and Pakistani community. Ravi plays keyboards for Bally Sagoo, and has produced the most recent works of "Bhangra King" Malkit Singh ("Midas Touch"). But mainly on his duo album with TJ Rehmi ("Raag Digitaal") and his solo album "Unleashed", Ravi Bal celebrates his unadulterated "Nu Skool Bhangra" sound. For Dissidenten he opened his digital trickbag, to turn "Lanka's Odyssey" (a previously unreleased Dissidenten track) into a massiv Punjabi-Breakbeat-thunderstorm.

7. Babylon 6 A.M. (Sunstrike mix by jean-michel) - 05:02

From the depths of Dissidenten's secret archives, the track "Babylon 6 A.M." was recovered and then re-constructed by one of Germany's most talented young Electronica musicians: Jean-Michel (last name is not! "Jarre") has built his reputation mainly with his fantastic second album "New Medium Softpack" (eleganz rec/indigo - 2001) and proven his talent as a remixer for acts as different as Bollock Brothers, Samba & Chekov. For Dissidenten, he has sharpened his electronic tools and delivered an abstract oriental electronic house tune which may shock some people but fascinate most...

8. Fata Morgana (Deep-Dive-Corp. Remix) - 06:16

Ibiza 'veterans' and resident madmen Peter Musenbrink and Björn Gerhardt aka Deep-Dive-Corp. were among the first to be contacted for dissidenten remix.ed 2.0. And their version of Dissidenten classic "Fata Morgana" (with over 2 million copies sold in Brasil alone) tells us why. It is their inimitable ability to fuse relaxed global sounds with their own musical style rooted halfway between downtempo/ambient and powerful trance/house. Probably not everybody's darling, but this mix has already shown to be an absolute killer on open-minded dancefloors...

9. Inshallah (Camel Filter Dub by Solar Moon System) - 07:23

What can we say? Solar Moon System, Germany's strangest, most erratic and perhaps most gifted Dub collective meets another great Dissidenten classic in the middle of the desert. With all due respect for the original, George, Tom & Razoof went to work with a vengeance, even including some authentic sounds from an Moroccan camel market. The result is a big and strong, yet mellow and long-lasting burner of a dub track.

10. Desert Sunrise (Fata Morgana Revisited By Path Of Rythm) - 07:28

A completely new take on the ultimate Dissidenten classic. Yes, the essence of "Fata Morgana" can be preserved whilst sending the listener on a chilled-out space trip. Marlon Klein has 're-produced' under his Path Of Rhythm alias, Esther Bertram added new vocal accents and Tomas San Miguel supplied expanded keyboard sounds.

So this is it. The second remix.ed album by Dissidenten track by track. Take it for what it is or - if you will - as proof for the true 'dissidenten' spirit: Music is a universal language, and its system is without boundaries of time and space...

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